Sometimes companies lie to sell things.  They shouldn't, but many do.  Don't believe the lies!

hapter Eighteen

reamcast Love!

"The Dreamcast is 128-bit."

"No it's not.  It's 64-bit."

"It's 128-bit!"

"Really?  And why is that?"

"It just is."

"I see.  Ok, it's got a 64-bit CPU.  64-bit GPU.  64-bit databus.  In fact the entire machine is 64-bit or less except the geometry sub-processor on the GPU.  Even then, it's only 128 bit for internal math.  It still talks to the rest of the machine 64-bits at a time."

"So it's 128-bit!"

"Not by any measuring stick that the world is using.  Unless you feel the Genesis also had 'blast processing.'  Also, the Nintendo 64 was the exact same way.  64-bit system with a 128-bit geometry sub-processor."

"The Nintendo 64 is 64-bit, the Dreamcast is 128-bit!"

"Just because you say it is doesn't make it so."

"Sega wouldn't lie."

"That's right.  They would never do that.  Do you live in a cave?  Sega is Japanese for compulsive liar."

"Then why does the Dreamcast look so much better than the 64?"

"Because the Nintendo 64 sucks ass.  And since the DC came out 3 years after it, it had damn well better be a lot better."

"Since part of the machine is 128-bit, it's 128-bit."

"So by your argument, the PS2 is a 2,560-bit machine as the data bus from the GPU to the ram is 2,560 bits across?"

"No, it's a 128-bit machine."

"So what you're saying here is you make things up as you go along to justify your position?"

"You just don't like the Dreamcast!"

"Actually, I like the machine and it's got some good games like StarLancer.  Shame the controller sucks, but we'll discuss that another time.  However, this doesn't change the machine being a 64-bit machine."

"It's 128-bit."

"So what colour is the sky in your world?"